25 Words or Much less | Instant-Paced Notice Game | Chums & Family Board Game | Fixed with Licensed TV Game Display camouflage with Meredith…

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  • One card. Five words. One minute’s worth of sand trickling by the hourglass. In 25 Words or Much less, can you picture the words on the cardboard so that your teammates are ready to bet them precisely?
  • Groups compete to stare who can bet secret words and phrases by bidding down the assorted of clue words – ranging from 25 – to yell to picture all five words. In case your team can pause so within the disbursed clue quantity, your team wins the cardboard.
  • Fixed with the hit television gameshow featuring Meredith Vieira and essential celebrities.
  • Comprises 300 Cards, 1 Countdown Board, 1 One Minute Sand Timer, Suggestions
  • 4+ Players | Ages 10+ | 30+ Min Play Time


Imprint: $15.ninety 9

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Updated: January 18, 2023 — 11:04 pm