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Last Friday Board GameIn Last Friday one player will assume the role of The Maniac – a bloodthirsty killer who was rumored to drown years ago in the lake…until his body went missing at the nearby cemetery. He will stop at nothing to end the lives of all of the campers at Camp Apache
The remaining players will play as Camp Counselors. Characters like Susan, Brenda, and Steve – fun-loving young people who are about to go on the most dangerous and deadly adventure of their lives
But these are no ordinary counselors – while they may run scared at the beginning, they later turn into determined hunter of the murderer who menaces them and killed their friends
Players must investigate the camp to learn more about the mystery of Camp Apache. Ultimately trying to survive the murderous attacks of the maniac and, in the end, defeat him

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Updated: April 5, 2019 — 6:33 am