Battleground Lanka | Strategy Card Game | Fun for Adults, Teens and Kids | Mythology Themed | 2-9 Players, Ages 13+ | 96 Cards |…

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  • TEAM-BASED STRATEGY – Pick your warrior, dive into battles, attack, defend and plot against your opponents in the quest for ultimate victory. Fast paced, thrilling and addictive at every step!
  • MYTHOLOGICAL THEME – World’s first card game inspired by Indian mythology. Immersive designs, mystical weapons and creatures transport you into a timeless tale and add to the exciting gameplay.
  • EASY TO LEARN – Takes under 5 minutes to learn, comes with a handy video tutorial. With a quick 15-minute playtime, you’ll want to play this game again and again!
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – Sleek box design fits in the pocket of your jeans! Play with 2-9 players, enjoy with friends, families or kids (13 and up). A favorite for any occasion.
  • BATTLEGROUND STUDIOS: Over a decade of developing games! The team brings an ancient storyline into the modern era with their unique touch.


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Updated: July 23, 2023 — 1:20 am