The Best 3 Player Board Games

Sometimes you don’t have an even number of players and want to get together to play a game with that third player. The following is a list of great board games that work better with 3 players than they do with 2 players, and work just as well for 4 player and one of them 5 player. So the next time you have a “third wheel” hanging around you know you can include them with one of these excellent game options.

I present you with what are arguably the best 3 player board games in 2018.

Image Description Player Count/Duration/Difficulty
gaia A very sophisticated space civilization board game. Each player represents one of 14 factions trying to be come the most influential in the galaxy. 1-4 / 60-150 minutes / Very Difficult
clank In Clank players have to sneak into a dragon’s lair to steal artifacts. The game is fast, fun and easy to play. 2-4 / 30-60 minutes / Easy
western trail This board game is a strategic experience set in the old west where you need to herd cattle from Texas to Kansas City safely and with the biggest return to win. 2-4 / 75-150 minutes / Hard
roll for galaxy Build an empire in a fun and interactive way that uses dice. 2-4 / 45 minutes / Medium
suburbia You plan, build and grow a small town into a major city or metropolis. Each player tries to grow their population faster than opponents to win the game. 1-4 / 90 minutes / Medium
through the ages A masterpiece of civilization board games. Players have to construct the best civilization through innovation, building wonders, and electing the right military and leaders. 2-4 / 120 - 180 / Hard
splendor In this game you buy gem mines, shops, horses, ships and much more to earn prestige and become the wealthiest merchant. 2-4 / 30 minutes / Very Easy