Bristol 1350 Board Game of Technique, Deceit, and Success for 1-9 Gamers

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  • Bristol 1350: The dreaded Black Loss of life has descended upon Bristol and it be crucial to atomize out! To build up, be on the necessary cart out of city whereas warding off gamers who are secretly contaminated with the plague.
  • Solo & occasion sport modes: Bristol 1350 is a lightweight contrivance and social deduction sport for 1-9 gamers ages 13 years and older. Be taught in 10 minutes and play in 20-40 minutes. Involves solo play mode.
  • Contents: 1 magnetic e book field, 9 character cards, 27 resolve cards, 28 symptom cards, 3 exiguous carts, 1 linen pouch, 1 rulebook, 9 wood pawns, 1 rubber taking part in design, 6 customized apple/rat dice.
  • Quick paced sport: Preserve away from these with the Black Plague (or strive and infect others while you already like it!) in this medieval themed sport of racing and deceit. Game entails fleet turns with fat-crew interaction.
  • Gameplay: Begin in 1 of 3 carts & strive and be the necessary out of city. If anyone in your cart has the plague while you fabricate, you die! Play till an all-wholesome cart crosses or all americans has the plague.


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Updated: July 29, 2021 — 5:03 am