ChessBase 17 Starter Bundle: ChessBase 17 Chess Database Management Application Program Bundled with Immense Database 2023 and Komodo 2 Chess Playing

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  • ChessBase 17: Groundbreaking: the interpretation of a chess engine analysis in natural language. ChessBase 17 describes in words what the in-depth analysis entails.
  • The Immense Database 2023 contains more than 9.75 million video games from 1560 to 2022
  • ChessCentral’s extraordinary Chess King Flash Power is a 6GB Flash Power carved into a wooden Chess King! This flash force is jammed filled with chess recordsdata for every degree of chess participant and fanatic.
  • Komodo Dragon 2: Komodo Dragon 2 has the Fritz 18 program interface – Six months ChessBase Top class Account
  • Integrated The Fritz Powerbook 2022 contains 25 million opening positions, derived from 1.7 million excessive class match video games. and In Chess Success II yow will detect something for every chess participant, whether ethical discovering out the strikes or a extremely rated match competitor. ChessCentral has gathered


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Updated: January 22, 2023 — 2:02 am