ChessBase 17 Starter Kit: and Vitality Fritz Chess Playing Application OProgram

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  • Groundbreaking: the interpretation of a chess engine diagnosis in pure language. ChessBase 17 describes in words what the in-depth diagnosis entails.
  • The Tremendous Database 2023 contains extra than 9.75 million video games from 1560 to 2022
  • hessCentral’s abnormal Chess King Flash Drive is a 6GB Flash Drive carved genuine into a wooden Chess King! This flash force is jammed crammed with chess records for every level of chess participant and enthusiast.
  • Vitality Fritz: The Chess Application World Champion 2022 – The in actuality expansive chess program with full opening theory
  • Included is Chess Success II which contains chess practising materials for Newcomers to Grandmasters!


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Updated: January 23, 2023 — 9:35 am