da Vinci’s Room Squirrels! – The Fast Paced Strategy Game

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A Family Game for Kids and Adults

Squirrels is an easy card game to pick up and play with a variety of ages. The goal: collect 5 nut cards of the same color. However, to reach your goal you will have to combat other players stealing your cards and placing other road blocks in your way.

Attack Cards and Wild Cards Keep Things Interesting

While you try to collect your nut cards, your friends will play attack cards to steal and discard your cards. Wild cards in the deck make things even a bit more weird as you may end up trading hands with another player or if you’re lucky you can end up with a card that counts as any color nut of your choice…

Not All Nuts Are Created Equally

The game features 4 color nuts cards: green, blue, orange and the dreaded nut of unmentionable color. Although there are an equal number of each nut in the deck, the nut of unmentionable color is said to be accursed to squirrels and it is much harder to collect to win than the other 3 colors.

Compact Size Makes it Easy to Pack Up and Travel

Squirrels comes in a compact box which makes it easy to pop in a pocket, purse or bag and take with you on the go. If you’re headed out for vacation or on the road and want to play a game on a stop over lunch, squirrels is quick enough to make sure you’re back on the road in time, but long enough to stretch the legs.

Rated Ages 12+ for Mild Cartoon Violence (complexity is playable by younger ages) Collect 5 Nut Cards First to Win the Game – Draw from the deck, steal other players cards, hands and make them discard their cards. This game is strategic and fast paced to keep you on your toes.
The perfect family game for kids and adults playing together.
Rated Ages 12+ For Mild Cartoon Violence – Playable by Ages 8+
2-4 Players for an easy game to pick up or expand when friends show up.
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Updated: March 2, 2019 — 6:33 am