Danger The Game: The storytelling party game of bizarre dangers and rescues

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The world is a dangerous place.

Disappointed fathers, depressed giant squids, dynamite on train tracks… You could be in danger no matter where you are. But now with the Danger The Game: Danger Preparation Kit, you can learn every dangerous situation the world has in store! Just gather two or more willing individuals, decide who the first Victim is, and use your various skills and tools to create the perfect rescue plan. Just watch out for those spontaneous twists of fate! With enough practice and a few friends, you too can learn to live a safer, healthier life.*

It is unlikely this kit will provide the appropriate knowledge required to live a safer, healthier life. We are not responsible for any death, dismemberment, or paper cuts due to improper use.A game designed to prepare you for every dangerous situation imaginable and unimaginable!
Use your skills, tools, and imagination to devise a foolproof plan to save the day. Compete to convince the Victim your rescue plan is best.
Worried someone will steal your thunder? Play a Plot Twist and trip them up!
270 cards divided into Danger, Skill, Tool, and Plot Twist, including blank cards to create your own scenarios.
Family-friendly, party game for 3+ players.

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Updated: December 6, 2019 — 10:53 pm