Dimension – A 3D Swiftly-Paced Puzzle Sport from Kosmos | Up to 4 Avid gamers, for Fans of Arrangement, Swiftly-Pondering & Logic | Of us’ Option Silver Honor & Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner

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  • Dimension is a swiftly-paced, modern puzzle game that takes put in three dimensions with 60 involving spheres
  • The entire gamers play at the the same time
  • All and sundry tries to put the spheres on their trays to perform as many parts as possible
  • The job playing cards say how the spheres ought to be placed to perform parts
  • Demonstrate to your opponents that probabilities are you’ll presumably presumably be the master of multi-dimensional pondering!


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Updated: December 7, 2020 — 11:07 am