DROP SQUAD Fun Marble & Plinko Style Family Games for Kids, Adults – Learning, Strategy Card Board Game, 5 and Up

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You Bring The Players – We’ll Bring The Game, Laughter, and Intrigue
Looking for a fun and challenging way to bring the family closer and get them off their laptops, iPads, and cell phones? Introducing Drop Squad: The Escape: A fast-paced family card and board game that involves marbles, a lot of strategic planning, and high-suspense activity. The goal of this all-inclusive, all-ages board game is to help one of the five mice escape the lab they are trapped in. You accomplish this by constructing ramps to guide your character’s marbles into their allotted zones. Drop Squad: The Escape is the perfect blend of strategizing, plan implementation, reading, building, interaction, and entertainment. Whether you are seven or seventy, this learning game is enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. Designed in California, this game set is larger than most family board games and uniquely combines physics and strategy via the use of cards and marbles. Furthermore, Drop Squad: The Escape is a great gift option for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or just to show someone you care.

Product Description:
(50) Playing Cards
(1) Game Board
(22) Ramp Pieces
(30) Marbles
(50) Goal Pieces
(20) Score Pegs
(2) Kickstands
(1) Rule Booklet
(1) Sticker Sheet
(1) Poster
Dimensions: 25″ x 15″

ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Tired of the typical, classic board games that have been around since (presumably) dinosaurs roamed the earth? Spice up family game night with Drop Squad – a new, giant board game that combines strategic planning and implementation, eye-hand coordination, reading, building, and – of course – lots of laughs! For 2-4 players.
A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING: Drop Squad incorporates multiple moving pieces to play, so you never have to worry about getting bored. Whereas most game sets for children and grown-ups are limited to being just a card game, marble game, board game, yard game, or tabletop game – our product combines all the above. Included with your all-in-one game kit is: 50 playing cards, 1 board, 22 ramps, 30 marbles, 5 goal pieces, 20 score pegs, 2 game board kickstands, rules, a sticker sheet, and poster.
HOW TO PLAY: The game is similar to Plinko, from The Price Is Right. A marble is dropped down a board through a series of pegs, with the aim of getting it into a player’s own goal at the bottom. Each player is dealt a hand of cards, and these cards allow players to play and pivot ramps on the game board to affect the path of the ball, letting players both aim the marbles towards their own goal and block marbles from reaching their opponents’ goals. The player with the most marbles wins!
PREMIUM QUALITY, ENTICING COLORS AND IMAGES: Boasting vibrant colors and game pieces as well as beautiful, detailed pictures, Drop Squad is a game that will attract kids of all ages. It’s the perfect, clean, party game and accessory for a kid’s birthday or a holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas. or New Year’s Eve. It also is a great addition to playrooms, game rooms, daycare, preschool, or classrooms.
GET THE YOUTH OFF OF TECHNOLOGY: In a culture that is predominantly focused around technology, it is easy to get wrapped up in video games, social media, or Snapchat and Instagram. This can put a strain on bonding time between parents and siblings. Drop Squad promises a challenging, exciting, and interactive way to get the young kids and teenagers off of their iPhones and TV and have fun around the table. Easy to learn and easy to play, this game is perfect for ages 5+.

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Updated: November 10, 2019 — 1:13 am