Essential particular person Wars Armada Riot In The Rim CAMPAIGN EXPANSION | Miniatures Battle Sport | Strategy Sport for Adults and Younger individuals | Ages…

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  • THIS IS A CAMPAIGN FOR STAR WARS ARMADA: Right here is now now not a full game trip. A reproduction of the Essential particular person Wars Armada Core Enviornment is required to play.
  • A GAME OF TACTICAL FLEET COMBAT: Expertise the drama of the Galactic Civil Battle on a full fresh scale! Revolt and Imperial fleets fight for the fate of the galaxy on this two-player miniatures game of fable Essential particular person Wars dwelling battles!
  • STRATEGY GAME: Uncover the unmatched energy of the Imperial immediate or repeat your tactical acumen as an admiral within the Revolt Alliance. Assemble your immediate, make your battle thought, call your photos and abolish the enemy. Your tactical commands will judge the course of battle and, per chance, the fate of the galaxy.
  • REBELLION IN THE RIM: This campaign expansion enables two to six avid gamers to participate in a campaign spanning multiple immediate battles in which you will create a personalized commander to steer your task power. Victory is decided by increasing your commander’s abilities and working closely with your team to search out out which facet will care for watch over the fate of the Rim!
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Essential particular person Wars Armada is a miniatures battle game for 2 avid gamers and is factual for ages 14 and older. Practical playtime is roughly 2 hours.


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Updated: February 21, 2023 — 6:17 pm