Galaxy Goldmine Game, Family Strategy Card Games for Kids Ages 10+, Teens, and Adults, 2-6 Players, Fun Family Card Games, Family-Friendly Party Games

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  • SPACE TREASURE-HUNTING CARD GAME: Mine the asteroid for space treasure! In the Galaxy Goldmine game, players rely on a little strategy, memory, and luck as they compete to collect the most cool, shiny stuff
  • EXPLORE THE ASTEROID WITH HIGH-TECH TOOLS: Grab that Glowtorch! Playing as a treasure-mining bot, strategically select the right Tool card to uncover and claim treasure, artifacts, and Lost Tools
  • COLLECT AWESOME SPACE TREASURE FOR POINTS: Compete to discover and gather Valuable cards, depicting space gems and “ancient” artifacts to earn points
  • 2 WAYS TO WIN: When the table draws 3 Black Hole cards, the game ends and the player with the most points wins! Or instantly win this fun card game by collecting all 3 rare Holomap Fragment cards
  • WATCH OUT FOR PITFALLS, BANDITS, AND ALIENS: This asteroid is full of surprises! Hidden in it are Event cards that include bot malfunctions and other gamechangers that can boost a player’s luck or … not
  • FUN FAMILY GAME FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: It’s an easy to learn game for kids ages 10+, but with enough strategy to hook older players. A great party game for Family Game Night bonding—play it again and again


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Updated: July 16, 2023 — 11:41 am