Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets: From the creators of Skull King and The Bears and The Bees

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Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets is the new family where you compete to be the first millionaire! Stack pairs of assets to cover your valuables before they are stolen by other players. Then defend your assets with Gold and Silver Wild Cards, or by using like cards in your hand. The excitement increases as the value of your assets goes up each time they are stolen. Steal your assets back to gain even more value. Then cover your Assets to protect them before they’re stolen again. But watch out! If your new top cards are stolen, the set below it is in jeopardy again. Keep building up your assets till you become the first millionaire. This card game takes minutes to learn, and perfecting your strategy means the fun can last for years. Cover Your Assets will be a your new family favorite! Kids, parents, and grandparents all love Cover Your Assets, and can enjoy a great time together. Even competitive gamers get a kick out of the quick action and the drama involved. At Grandpa Beck’s Games, we believe family game time strengthens bonds and deepens relationships. That’s why we are delighted to share the games our family and friends have enjoyed.Battle to become the first millionaire in Cover Your Assets. Each player builds a crisscrossed stack, made up of sets of asset cards, which include piggy banks, classic autos, the family jewels, and more.
Steal top sets of assets from other players by showing them an identical card or a wild. Be careful though, they can defend themselves with their own wilds or matching cards and the winner takes all!
Highly competitive and crazy fun. Every player is in the mix until the last card is played each round. Whooping, hollering, contagious laughter, and gloating are possible side effects of this game.
You’ll learn it in five minutes and then want to play it for five hours. (We cannot be held responsible for any loss of sleep, friendship, or sanity caused by this game. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)
This is a game that EVERYONE is guaranteed to love (excluding tax collectors, patent trolls, divorce lawyers, and others who don’t like fun). Don’t like it? Just send it back for a full refund – Seriously.

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Updated: January 16, 2019 — 7:33 pm