Ion: A Compound Building Game | A Strategy Card Game with Accurate Science

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Ion is a deceptively simple, quick-to-play and explosively fun card game modeled accurately around the basics of chemistry! Each player starts with a hand of cards. These cards include positively and negatively charged Ions as well as neutrally charged Noble Gases. Each player is trying to form neutral compounds or collect sets of Noble Gases in order to score points. But the challenge is, each player only gets to choose one card at a time before they pass their entire hand of cards to an opponent, and then receive a brand new hand of cards in return. In this way, players are trying to anticipate what compounds they are able to create while also trying to recall what cards have been passed. Ion is great for the science classroom or a game night with family and friends. Turns are quick and simultaneous – which means there’s no downtime between turns and players are engaged during the entire game. Ion is great to play with large groups when you don’t want to spend time setting up or explaining rules. All the concepts covered in Ion are concepts that would be introduced in a basic high school level chemistry course. And it does so in a way that is fun and intuitive for everyone! Even more, every compound that players can make in the game is a real compound found in nature! Ion was created by a professor of game design who is also a chemical engineer and chemistry teacher! Genius Games is a STEM-centered publishing company that creates high-quality tabletop games and children’s books. We demystify intimidating concepts in the sciences through the thrill of play. We engage players in a lifelong process of inquiry by rewarding curiosity with fun. Play: Ages: 8+ Players: 2 – 7 Time: 20 – 30 mins Science Concepts covered in Ion: ionic bonding, elements, atoms, charges, ions, anions, cations, noble gases, halogens, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, compound naming, creating neutrally charged compounds, transition metals, polyatomic ions, reactions, acids, basesCHEMISTRY CARD GAME – Learn chemistry from Ion, a science game where players build neutral compounds from a hand of positive and negative ions. In chemistry class, this is called ionic bonding.
STRATEGIC PLAY – Play a game about chemical bonds with a level of strategy that will engage an adult gamer, yet straightforward enough kids as young as 8 can play with family or in the classroom.
ACCURATE SCIENCE – All elements, molecules and science vocabulary are concepts covered in high school chemistry class, making it one of the best educational games teachers can use to teach science.
BEST SCIENCE GIFT – Science teachers, chemists, scientists, and students love playing this geeky science game with friends and family. Perfect for the gamer’s shelf or the science classroom.
LEARN SCIENCE – A game for the classroom designed to teach chemistry and chemical bonding at middle school, high school or college levels, Ion complies with NGSS standards and STEM principles.

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Updated: January 15, 2019 — 5:53 am