Legacy Video games Card & Tile Video games for PC: Wildcard Adventures Vol. 2 (10 Game Pack) – PC DVD with Digital Glean Codes

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  • WILDCARD ADVENTURES VOL. 2 – The playing cards are ready! Obtain 10 unbelievable solitaire and mahjong video games for PC for the rate of 1, and support on taking part in!
  • DISC + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CODES – Liberate a good gaming journey with our Legacy Video games Launcher App! This case accommodates both disc and sport accumulate codes that give you the vitality to accumulate titles without ever wanting the bodily reproduction. Play on nearly any Dwelling windows PC – even those without disc drives!
  • SOLITAIRE AND MAHJONG – This pack contains 7 solitaire video games and 3 mahjong video games for PC.
  • LOW PC REQUIREMENTS – Whenever you are having a check for a fun formulation to cancel time, strive indubitably this kind of hidden object video games. These casual private computer properly matched video games could well presumably also additionally be played on most residence windows PCs. They consist of some essentially rewarding adventures, they most steadily are easy adequate that even rookies can salvage into them!


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Updated: April 18, 2023 — 12:24 am