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Once upon a time
In a distant galaxy,there is a planet called Cytoma.Cytoma’s neighbouring planets have been trying to get a magical flower,Cyta. Take on the role of the aliens and begin your Cyta quest. Master Subtraction & Addition along the way!
We have done extensive research to develop this unique board game for kids 6 and 7 and up. It comes with a special 10-faced dice and built-in challenges to provide you with hours of fun.At the same time, you’ll be mastering subtraction like no one else.

Skills Addressed
Forward thinking
Strategic Planning
Patience & Perseverance

Practice jump
12x more practice than traditional class time and worksheets
At Logic Roots, we are passionate about Math and work with the vision of Reinventing how kids practice Math through gamification of its concepts. Our Board Games, Card Games and Apps are widely used by top schools and homeschooling parents to help their boys and girls fall in love with Math. These games are best used for Learning, Education and gifting purposes for children.

Target group
Grade 1 and above || 6 years and above

How it works
Players select the aliens and roll the 10-faced dice.Subtract the number obtained from 50 and continue to do so till the aliens land in a safe zone.Add and subtract as per the rules and the player to first reach the Cyta flower wins.Players have to use their math skills extensively to win this subtraction and addition game. Combined with special 10 faced dice, these cleverly designed game rules work to increase the amount of practice and fun at the same time!

FUN GAMEPLAY: In this combo, one lets you be an alien to find magical Cyta flower by performing some easy additions and subtractions whereas, in the other one you will be grabbing cheese, pasta, pizza, cupcake, and many more delicious delicacies by performing multiplication
The PERFECT GIFT: If they enjoy adventure and stories, they are going to love it. These are games based on subtraction and multiplication for age 7 or grade 2 and up.
HANDS ON FAMILY GAMES: Math time is family time. Engage with kids, away from phones and gadgets and discover the joy of math and STEM learning with these family board games.
EDUCATIONAL STEM TOYS: Kids will master 5 math skills including addition, subtraction, number sequencing, forward and backward counting and multiplication. You build the foundation of STEM learning with these games.
MATH GAME FROM MATH EXPERTS: At Logic Roots, we specialize in math. We work with schools, teachers, and researchers to build the most natural set of math games based exactly on how kids learn

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