Love is Ineffective Game, Birthday party Card Game for Adults and Kids, Hilarious Gentle Technique Dating Game for 2-5 Gamers Ages 13 and Up

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  • EVERYONE’S DYING TO FIND THEIR SOULMATE: If reality be told, these Boos are already ineffective in the hilarious Love is Ineffective occasion card game per stylish relationship mishaps and misfortunes
  • COMPETE TO MATCH WITH BOOS: Make some soul-searching … so as to talk. Play Motion cards as you traipse to match with ghosts in the relationship pool by gratifying all of the Traits on the Boo cards
  • ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR: Play it trim or endure grave penalties! Sabotage opponents and waste their potentialities of a match by playing Dealbreaker cards, treasure Red Flag and Ghosted
  • SCORE THE MOST POINTS FROM YOUR MATCHES TO WIN: Boo-yeah! This 2-5 player game ends as soon as a player has 3 fits, and the player with the most sides wins
  • DROP-DEAD FUN GAME FOR ADULTS AND TEENS: The Love is Ineffective game for ages 13 and up will contain avid gamers death laughing at occasions, obtain-togethers, or game nights with chums


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Updated: April 19, 2023 — 7:41 am