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  • INSPIRED BY THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE: In the Monopoly Gigantic Mario Bros. Movie Model sport, gamers can imagine struggling with Bowser to assign the Mushroom Kingdom as they detect the world of the movie
  • COLLECT SUPER MARIO WORLD LOCATIONS: Avid gamers pick, sell, trade, and contrivance to interact all of it in this Mario Monopoly board sport, featuring iconic The Gigantic Mario Bros. Movie areas. Fabricate primarily the most coins to interact
  • WATCH OUT FOR BOWSER: The Bowser token moves all the contrivance in which via the board one by one. Beware: Bowser can swipe properties, retract coins, and send gamers to Jail
  • PLAY AS FAVORITE SUPER MARIO WORLD ICON: Involves 6 Monopoly tokens, representing characters & vitality-usafrom The Gigantic Mario Bros. Movie: Toad’s frying pan, a Gigantic Mushroom, Peach’s crown, and extra
  • WARP PIPES SPEED UP THE FAMILY GAME: Avid gamers who land on a Warp Pipe dwelling can lag to any dwelling between it and the subsequent Warp Pipe dwelling
  • SUPER MARIO GIFTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Gigantic Mario toys produce sizable gives for teenagers ages 8 and up who’re Gigantic Mario and Monopoly board sport fans


Label: $21.99

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Updated: May 1, 2023 — 12:49 am