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  • Honorable For Puzzle Fans – Can you outsmart the Queen of Hearts? Work collectively the explain of logic, deduction, and dialogue to outsmart the Queen and carry out the Royal Gardens.
  • Tile Placement – Quandary tiles within the backyard to support your mates and family resolve the Queens Whims, secret cards that build up a fun, enticing, and now not easy puzzle.
  • Easy To Be taught – Easy principles relish deep technique and self-discipline. New players can look, be taught, reduction or be half of the game at any time!
  • Auto-Balancing Enlighten – Play with easy, medium, or laborious cards, and not using a switch to setup. With an even auto-balancing self-discipline, the game is now not easy for sign spanking unique or skilled players.
  • Strategy Board Game – Each tile positioned into the backyard takes you one step nearer to victory however build one mistake too many and the Queen will shout “Off with their heads!”.


Mark: $39.ninety nine

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Updated: March 29, 2023 — 1:36 am