Ok2Win 3UP 3DOWN Card Game

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3UP 3DOWN is so fast and fun, you’ll all say, “Let’s Play Another Round!”


  • Easy to learn, yet hard to put down
  • Quick rounds give everyone a chance to win
  • Simple enough for children, but also tons of fun for adults
  • Subtle strategy and a little bit of luck
  • Provides quality time away from phones and the television
  • Makes a great gift – the perfect stocking stuffer

What’s included?

  • 84 neon-colored (orange, green, and blue), casino-quality, bridge-sized cards
  • English instructions

Note: For fun with more than 6 players, just add another deck! Also, there are a few alternate spellings for 3UP 3DOWN; however, even if you spell it 3 up 3 down, 3up3dn, 3up 3dn, 3 up 3 dn, or Three Up Three Down, it will provide lots of laughs and positive entertainment for all.Fast-paced, family-friendly discard game with a surprising finish
THE GOAL: Get rid of your cards before your family and friends can
THE SURPRISE: Three cards are not revealed until the very end – so you will need both strategy and luck
Fun for kids and adults 2-6 players/deck Ages 7+ 3-minutes to learn – just watch the #3up3dnGame demo video 10 minutes (or less) to play
Perfect for game night, parties, holidays, vacations – basically any casual event with those you love

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Updated: March 19, 2019 — 12:14 pm