PARTNERS board sport – A 4 participant approach board sport played in teams of two | supreme for sport night with family, mates, adults, children,…

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  • 1st USA Edition of Denmark’s #1 supreme promoting board sport
  • Supreme for sport nights with family and mates
  • Sabotage is a crew sport. Who’s obtained your inspire? Capture your accomplice wisely because solely the duo with the factual approach, a minute of luck, and the skill to work with their accomplice will inform victory
  • Ages 8 and up; 4 sets of participant pawns, having fun with board, and one pack of PARTNERS having fun with cards
  • 4 participant sport played in teams of two. The first crew to get all 8 of their participant pawns into the finishing zones first wins. Avid gamers will recount cards to switch their colored pawns across the board and into their finishing zone. With an alternate of a card between companions and obvious sport changing cards, gamers will strive and inspire their accomplice along while on the the same time strive and sabotage their opponents!


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Updated: March 4, 2021 — 5:25 pm