Plaid Hat Games Hickory Dickory

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  • Trot the Minute Hand: Hickory Dickory is a employee rotation sport that has adorable mice meeples using on the fingers of a resplendent cuckoo clock and jumping off at circulate areas to total their scavenger hunt!
  • Rep Tiles: Have your mice snatch up merchandise tiles to total quests and contain up their scavenger hunt board before the clock strikes dreary evening.
  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Order tiles, traipse up the clock weights and get hang of Lord Cuckoo’s misplaced relics to perform victory parts!
  • Strategic Bumping: Opinion ahead on chronicle of the minute hand entirely holds so many mice, and if space will get tight gamers can bump off varied mice at unwanted areas to extinguish room for his or her possess meeples.
  • Bonus Actions: Chain actions by playing Prefer playing cards on the correct time to snatch wished merchandise tiles some distance from your opponents.
  • Replace These Tiles: Accumulate your mice collectively to exchange peaceable devices to perform tall offer parts. Refer to Itsy Bitsy’s market to exchange unwanted tiles for wilds or devices from the reduce impress bin.
  • Top price Formulation: Deluxe acrylic tiles, twin layered hunt boards, customized mice meeples and functional minute hand fit completely in the customized-made sport insert.


Designate: $53.ninety 9

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Updated: March 9, 2023 — 8:38 am