Popdarts PRO Pack Sport Space (Wigglenobber Map Marker) – Indoor, Outside Suction Cup Throwing Sport – Competition with a POP

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PD Games LLCClick Eradicate Now for Up so some distance Label. Estimated Label: $39.ninety nine

  • WHY CHOOSE POPDARTS? In a world that isolates us with units, we bring you a sport that brings chums and family of all ages together, fuels creativity and challenges abilities!
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED IN A SET? 3 Blue/Green Swirled Popdarts | 3 Crimson/Yellow Popdarts | 1 Orange Wigglenobber Map Marker | 1 Mesh Carrying Rep with principles printed elegant on the procure
  • WHERE CAN I PLAY? Our compact units will also be played wherever you slide, indoors or outside. Popdarts stick best seemingly to soft surfaces love a countertop, refrigerator, window, car windshield, glass door, surfboard – be inventive!
  • HOW DO YOU SCORE? The closest Popdart to the Map Marker = 3 capabilities. Every assorted Popdart that sticks = 1 level. Touchdown on the Wigglenobber Map Marker = 10 capabilities.Use “Cancellation Scoring” (correct love cornhole). For instance: 5 blue – 2 green = 3 blue. Every sport consists of loads of rounds! First team to reach 21 capabilities wins!


Label: $39.ninety nine

Eradicate Now


Updated: January 11, 2023 — 5:39 pm