Quite Quite Princess: Disney Princess Edition Board Game That consists of Disney Princesses, Jewellery Costume-Up Game for Teens Ages 5 and Up

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  • JEWELRY DRESS-UP GAME: Cease you undergo in mind taking part in the original Quite Quite Princess sport as soon as you had been a shrimp bit one. Introduce your kids to this Disney Princess Edition sport
  • OVER 20 JEWELRY PIECES: The Quite Quite Princess: Disney Princess Edition board sport entails over 20 plastic jewellery pieces and a crown that avid gamers can wear during the game
  • FEATURING DISNEY PRINCESSES: In this dress-up sport, avid gamers derive jewellery pieces and speed to exclaim the Disney Princess crown. Play as Disney Princess characters Belle, Tiana, Jasmine, or Aurora
  • CURSED RING: Look out for the Cursed Ring. A participant cannot acquire the game while wearing it
  • FUN KIDS GAME: Disney Princess followers can admire this edition of the Quite Quite Princess sport with their chums, on play dates, and sleepovers. It be a stress-free indoor converse for children 5 and up


Attach: $19.ninety nine

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Updated: July 11, 2023 — 6:24 pm