Regal Games – Reversible Wood Board for Chess, Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe – 24 Interlocking Wood Checkers and 32 Fashioned Chess Objects – for Age 8…

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Regal GamesClick Rob Now for Updated Imprint. Estimated Imprint: $22.Ninety nine

  • VERSATILE SET: The Regal Games Wood Checkers, Chess, and Tic-Tac-Toe Reversible Board Game comes with every thing you could own a goal time with family and chums, including a 10.5 ” x 10.5 ” wood board that also can furthermore be stale as a checkerboard, chessboard, or tic-tac-toe board and springs with 24 interlocking wood checkers and 32 chess objects.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The exact wood constructing of the sport board and the checkers are built to last. The interlocking wood checkers attain in a unlit and a natural gentle wood enact.
  • CLASSIC & TIMELESS GAMES: Checkers, Chess and Tic Tac Toe are all games which own been around for many, a long time. It’s the acceptable fit for family game nights, traveling, sleepovers, gatherings, events and anytime you’d like a game that’s every partaking and relaxing
  • EASY TO STORE & CARRY: This reversible wood board game space is accessible in a box for simple transportation and storage, no subject whereas you to find yourself having fun with at house or whereas you to find yourself taking it on the trail to play with family and chums
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA: These are games that individuals of with reference to all ages can ride, making it a special and tantalizing gift for family and chums for many occasions. It’s the ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas, New twelve months’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, and each other event which you could maybe even own in suggestions


Imprint: $22.Ninety nine

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Updated: March 7, 2023 — 7:31 am