Rubik’s Speed, Classic Rapid-Paced Strategy Sequence Mind Teaser Fling Board Game Two-Player Tempo Fixing Face-Off, for Adults & Kids Ages 7 and up

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  • CLASSIC BOARD GAME: Rubik’s Speed is a high depth two participant board game designed to obtain your brain and fingers racing at an indecent wander. A intention racing game admire no other.
  • SHIFT, SLIDE & SOLVE: Shake the scrambler and skedaddle head to transfer against your opponent. Shift and wander the tiles to develop into the predominant racer to compare the 3×3 middle of the scrambler’s Cube pattern.
  • A GAME OF ULTIMATE SKILL: It sounds straightforward adequate, nonetheless the Rubik’s Speed is a board game of potential, wander and dexterity. Be the predominant to descend the divider frame on their finished aspect of the board.
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY: The last two participant face to face skedaddle. Seize for your friends or household wherever you are. Who might perchance perchance be the predominant participant to compare the pattern of the 9 coloured squares?
  • CLASSIC PUZZLE-SOLVING GAMEPLAY: This essential puzzle is the identical retro toy that you simply endure in solutions from your childhood. Mind teaser, fidget toy, or commute puzzle- this brain puzzle is your original walk-to.
  • Involves: 1 Rubik’s Speed Game
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Mark: $19.82

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Updated: April 15, 2023 — 11:46 am