Scoot Master Video games Beat The Folks Classic Family Trivia Sport, Kids Vs Folks, with 25 Bonus Cards for Ages 6 and up (Amazon Irregular)

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  • WHO RULES THE HOUSE? In Beat the Folks, it’s childhood vs fogeys in a fun-filled, action-packed showdown of minutiae and challenges. There’s a wager at stake – will your group be champions on household sport evening?
  • PICK A WAGER – WHAT WILL YOU DO? Every group writes a wager earlier than the sport begins. What’s going to you place ought to you lose? Purchase out the trash? Capture pizza for each person? The stakes possess below no circumstances been better!
  • KID-FRIENDLY TRIVIA WITH 25 BONUS CARDS: Kids and oldsters dwell in diversified worlds, so every period gets their dangle location of questions. Folks, are you aware what your childhood know? Kids, sincere how trim are your fogeys? For 2 to 6 avid gamers, ages 6 and up.
  • SPIN MASTER GAMES AND PUZZLES: An global of puzzles and interactive board video games for households, childhood, and adults, including minutiae video games, card video games, traditional video games like chess and checker sets, plus jigsaw, foam and 3D puzzles and more
  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERYONE: Whereas you smash up with chums, declare a Scoot Master sport, toy, or cards. For household sport nights, birthday items, birthday party video games, scamper, or your easter basket stuffers!
  • Involves 200 minutiae and scenario cards, 1 gameboard, 1 sand timer, 2 participant movers, 1 dry erase marker with clip, 1 wager board with stand, 25 bonus cards, and directions.
  • Covered by the Scoot Master Care Commitment. Leer below for full details


Designate: $14.ninety 9

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Updated: April 6, 2023 — 5:54 am