Scrimish: Strategy Card Game — Pillars of Eternity 2 Pack

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Scrimish is a fast moving card game that pits player against player in an epic 10 minute battle of strategy, memory, and misdirection. Every game is different, and you’ll want to play over and over again to try new ways of outsmarting your opponent. The 2 pack comes with a Red/Blue pack (25 card Red deck + 25 card Blue deck) and a Purple/Green pack (25 card Purple deck + 25 card Green deck) for up to 4 players. Each pack contains 50 premium cards and instructions. You can expand to larger team games by using more decks.2 pack includes a blue/red deck and a green/purple deck. Each deck contains 50 cards. Good for 4 players. Ages 5+.
A new spin on classic strategy games like checkers, stratego, and chess. You can play each game with more than 2 people! Form 2 vs 2 team games with the included 2 decks.
Easy to learn 10 minute rounds. Fun for both kids and adults. Add even more decks for larger 5+ player games!
Quick and fast moving party card game where the object is to uncover the other person’s crown card.
Pillars of Eternity themed decks

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Updated: January 14, 2019 — 4:03 am