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item image Dispose of Now
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  • BLUFFING GAME: In this game, avid gamers prefer turns playing the Sheriff procuring for contraband goods, and the Merchants attempting to inventory their Stall with the highest goods. The Sheriff can see any win they need, but they must always watch out, as they’ll deserve to pay a penalty if they web the Merchants had been telling the truth.
  • STRATEGY BOARD GAME: Sneak your manner through! Avid gamers can bluff, bribe or even truth their manner past the Sheriff. Every round, the Sheriff is performed by any individual contemporary, so what works on one might well well perchance not work on yet any other.
  • NEW UPDATED EDITION: This contemporary version includes updated guidelines that had been cleaned up, making them much less difficult to be pleased. Unique art work provides new life to the game.
  • INCLUDES EXPANSIONS: This box location contains plenty of expansions for the game, including formulation to incorporate a 6th Merchant, deputizing avid gamers to be the Sheriff’s Deputies, and the Dark Market for excessive-risk and excessive-reward play.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This fun bluffing game is made for 3 to 6 avid gamers and is factual for ages 14 and older. Common playtime is roughly 60 minutes.


Dispose of Now


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