Shock Champions The Card Recreation (Imperfect Recreation) | Cooperative/ Device Card Recreation for Adults and Teenagers | Ages 14+ | 1-4 Gamers | Moderate Playtime…

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  • TEAM UP TO TAKE DOWN MARVEL’S FIERCEST VILLAINS: Shock Champions: The Card Recreation is a cooperative card sport the save gamers work collectively to live about a of Shock’s most iconic villains. Get your authorized Shock hero and head into battle!
  • WORK TOGETHER LIKE TRUE MARVEL HEROES: Every villain that gamers battle provides a obvious voice of challenges, assaults and events. To be triumphant, gamers will must steadiness their hero’s strengths and weak point with these of the heroes their chums are playing as. Teamwork will be needed to save the sector!
  • STRATEGY GAME: In each field, the heroes face villain pushing a obvious procedure as well to their very possess inner most enemies that would be shuffled into the stumble upon deck. Favor when to don your daring identity and battle the villain right away and when to trade into your alter-ego to rest and get better.
  • HIGHLY VARIABLE: As a Living Card Recreation, continuing releases of Hero Packs and Scenario Packs provide you fresh ways to play, whereas Marketing campaign Expansions provide a bigger addition to the sport. Modular stumble upon devices provide quite a lot of replayability, as gamers have to purchase a relate that matches how they want to play the sport.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Shock Champions The Card Recreation is a cooperative card sport for 1 to 4 gamers and is valid for ages 14 and older. The sport takes about Forty five to 90 minutes to play.


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Updated: February 25, 2023 — 4:05 pm