Speedily Note Board Game, Peg Game Wood Board with 24 Colored Pegs & 2 Dices, Speedily Note Game for six Players, Household Chums Game for…

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  • 【Relaxing Board Game for six Players】The quick song board sport residence choices a wood sport board, 24 pegs, and a pair of dices. It is uncomplicated to play: throw the dice and accelerate most probably the most pegs that many areas on the game board. A actually easy but fun sport for up to 6 gamers, favorable for guests and household occasions.
  • 【Engaging Competitive Gameplay】Your aim is to assemble all your 4 pegs into the dwelling rotten forward of any substitute participant, within the future of which if your peg lands on one substitute participant’s, that participant must decide away that peg support to his starting up rotten. Factual delight within the fun on this chasing sport! Besides, the shortcuts of Speedily Note and Bull’s Gaze could per chance presumably maybe can permit you to reach your aim even quicker, deal enriching the gameplay.
  • 【Protected, Sturdy Painted Wood Board】Fabricated from pure wood, our sport board is favorable, odorless, chip-free, corrosion-resistant, and sturdy. Double-sided paint medication makes a still ground that feels fully delighted with out hurting fingers. The pure wood grain and certain printing are swish in watch and traumatic to depart.
  • 【Shiny Colors Easy to Note】The 24 pegs are divided into 6 colours, and the 6 starting up bases and residential bases on the board are painted with the same colours. The intense colours are easy to establish, making it easy for gamers to trace their maintain pegs. No extra mess about peg misidentification when bigger than 2 persons play the game.
  • 【Puzzle Game for All Ages】In repeat to resolve the game by involving the pieces to your field rotten forward of someone else, it is top to design an less pricey design, so that your thinking is improved. A puzzle sport for all ages. Reach on! Factual launch up a sport on the lunch shatter or leisure weekend, and sweep away your fatigue after look or work!


Impress: $24.99

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Updated: June 26, 2023 — 10:59 am