Star Wars Armada Nadiri Starhawk EXPANSION PACK | Miniatures Wrestle Game | Approach Game for Adults and Youngsters | Ages 14+ | 2 Gamers |…

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  • THIS IS AN EXPANSION PACK FOR STAR WARS ARMADA: Here isn’t any longer a entire sport expertise. A duplicate of the Star Wars Armada Core Situation is required to play.
  • A GAME OF TACTICAL FLEET COMBAT: Journey the drama of the Galactic Civil War on a entire new scale! Revolt and Imperial fleets wrestle for the fate of the galaxy in this two-participant miniatures sport of narrative Star Wars residing battles!
  • STRATEGY GAME: Converse the unrivaled vitality of the Imperial rapid or original your tactical acumen as an admiral in the Revolt Alliance. Assemble your rapid, make your wrestle understanding, call your shots and damage the enemy. Your tactical instructions will resolve the direction of wrestle and, in all likelihood, the fate of the galaxy.
  • NADIRI STARHAWK: This expansion offers your rebels with every thing they have to add one Starhawk-class Battleship to your sport, including one painted ship, one tempo dial, four uncover dials, two ship playing cards, fifteen upgrade playing cards and a assortment of numerous tokens.


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Updated: January 24, 2023 — 8:37 pm