Steamforged Video games SFDSTCG003 Darkish Souls: The Card Game-Seekers of Humanity Growth, Mixed Colors

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  • Seekers of Humanity is a spread for Darkish Souls: The Card Game that contains particular principles for Invaders and their uncommon treasures, which add a impress-new element of pride and field to your encounters
  • Invaders mask amongst your enemies, guaranteeing you’ll never know precisely in case you’ll want to face these new, gruesome foes
  • As well to to those shaded spirits, this expansion additionally entails loads of new enemies along with four distinctive bosses from the arena of Darkish Souls 2, providing you with the option of exploring the Wooded self-discipline of Fallen Giants or the Iron Maintain
  • This expansion additionally capabilities two extra playable characters, the valorous Warrior and the pious Cleric, along with dozens of new treasures, all of which will motivate you extra customise and evolve your bear inner most Darkish Souls: The Card Game journey
  • A copy of Darkish Souls: The Card Game is required to play with this expansion

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Updated: June 2, 2020 — 2:03 am