Stellar Manufacturing facility Werewolf: A Birthday party Game for Devious Of us

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  • Werewolf is a acquire together game of lies, deceit, & accusations. Are you devious ample?
  • 20 Villager Playing cards, 10 Werewolf Playing cards, 8 Wild Playing cards, 2 Seer Playing cards, 2 Doctor Playing cards, 2 Moderator Playing cards, 2 Village Inebriated Playing cards, 2 Witch Playing cards, 2 Alpha Werewolf Playing cards
  • Play with as much as 35 of us (or two 20 particular person games!)
  • Most correctly-designed Werewolf game that exists.
  • Made in the united statesA.


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Updated: May 7, 2023 — 5:32 pm