Stonemaier Games: Wingspan Asia Growth, Approach Board Sport, Stand Alone Sport Or Play with Core Wingspan, Play in Solo Mode or Twin Player, 40-70 Minute…

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  • On this third growth to Wingspan, we welcome recent species to our habitats by exploring the brilliant, difficult, and opulent birds of Asia
  • A stand-on my own game for 1 participant or 2 gamers (Duet mode that might well even be ancient with any bird/bonus cards)
  • A card growth to the distinctive Wingspan (any bird/bonus cards all over any Wingspan game or growth can also be combined)
  • A 6-7 participant growth by the use of the recent Flock mode (for which the participant arrangement from the core game are indispensable)


Label: $44.ninety nine

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Updated: January 7, 2023 — 4:09 pm