STUDIO H Vivarium | Board Recreation for Younger americans and Adults | Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 Avid gamers | 30 Minutes

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  • UNIQUE USE OF DOMINOES: Every turn, add a domino to the one through the table, growing coordinates that abet you to use a card from the board.
  • COMPLETE SECRET OBJECTIVES: Employ these to drive your technique to web diversified creature colors, creature kinds, tools, or diversified aspects of the game.
  • POWERFUL EQUIPMENT: Construct these playing cards to support full sure objectives and for his or her distinctive particular abilities or discontinuance-game scoring effects.
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: The customized domino designs, sparkly amber gems, and minute print on the playing cards and board add to a luxury gaming experience.
  • BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK: Peep the creatures of Vivarium spring to life, each with their very beget personality and storing that shines by in the illustrations.


Designate: $24.Ninety 9

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Updated: April 26, 2023 — 10:41 pm