Subatomic: an Atom Building Game (2nd Edition) | A Technique Board Game with Staunch Science!

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  • STRATEGIC PLAY – A deck building card sport about particle physics and chemistry. Extremely strategic and scientifically true!
  • ACCURATE SCIENCE – All atoms, arrangement, quarks, scientists and science vocabulary in Subatomic are exact ideas from chemistry and physics
  • WHO CAN PLAY – This sport will not be for the worn at heart and is better qualified for folk that are broken-down to playing heavier games. Most attention-grabbing for the gamer who needs so that you just can add some science to their sport evening.
  • CHEMISTRY BOARD GAME – Ogle particle physics and even learn a little chemistry with Subatomic.
  • BUILDING GAME – Exhaust quarks to kind protons, neutrons and electrons. Exhaust these subatomic particles to kind arrangement, ideal bask in a particle physicist.


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Updated: February 27, 2021 — 11:43 am