Tapped Four Travel Edition Card Game – 2 to 6 Players – Extra TAP Cards – Strategy, Luck, Laughter, Fun – Family and Friends

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  • Tap In, But Don’t Get Tapped Out!
  • TRAVEL EDITION TAPPED FOUR- convenient take along size. Fewer cards than the Original Game, BUT this game includes EXTRA TAP CARDS.
  • PERFECT CARD GAME TO PLAY MOST ANY TIME- for Game Nights, Camping Trips, Vacations, Cruises, Family Reunions, Holiday Parties, and more!
  • SUPER POPULAR- A great family game for adults, kids, teens, seniors. Ages 10 and up, in most cases, but don’t let that stop the younger kids from playing, they might teach YOU a thing or two.
  • LOTS OF STRATEGY- The more you play the better your strategy levels get.
  • EASY TO LEARN AND FAST TO PLAY- A fast, strategic, and addicting card game. Takes about 5 minutes to learn and about 10 minutes per round. The word of the night is, JUST ONE MORE ROUND.
  • WHAT YOU GET- 114 smooth finish cards and instructions and a couple EXTRA Tap Cards.


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Updated: August 21, 2023 — 5:44 am