Thames & Kosmos | Devir | BGLACML| Lacrimosa| Strategic Board Sport | Euro Board Sport | 1-4 Players | Ages 14+

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  • The controversial demise of Mozart in 1791, on the age of 35, left no longer preferrred a void in the world of song but also left his Requiem unfinished.
  • The first eight bars of the Lacrimosa circulate gave clues as to the assign it became headed and a price became granted to construct the half to honor Mozart in 1792, on the anniversary of his demise.
  • Lacrimosa recreates the occasions following Mozart’s demise, the assign players are patrons who secure substances of the unfinished work, scurry for the length of Europe seeking memories of Mozart, and in the end succor in the completion of the Requiem.
  • Lacrimosa is a sport cherish none other, highly strategic, and robotically revolutionary, with a savory presentation.
  • Ages 14+ | 1-4 Players


Designate: $68.ninety 9

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Updated: January 16, 2023 — 9:42 pm