Thames & Kosmos My Island | Legacy Board Game | Kosmos Games | Multi-Player | 2-4 Players | Strategy Game

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  • Explore this new mysterious island by placing down various kinds of hexagonal tiles! As the game progresses new actions and more space on your island will open up to you!
  • My Island can be taught quickly and has plenty of scenarios that add additional rules to keep the game fresh.
  • With a similar playstyle to My City, Reiner Knizia has taken the best parts of his original game and refined them for a whole new standalone story.
  • Using field, house, wall, and trail tiles players must lay out their island carfully tile by tile without damaging the forest!
  • Features an “eternal mode” to continue the fun even after you have finished the legacy portion of the game.


Price: $39.95

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Updated: August 23, 2023 — 8:29 pm