The 7th Continent Classic Model – Core Field – English Model – Boardgame – Cooperative – 1 to 4 Gamers – Dawdle – Exploration –

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  • A MUST! One of many largest hits on Kickstarter now on hand for each person.
  • SOLO OR COOPERATIVE: Designed to be played solo or cooperatively with up to 4 avid gamers.
  • EXPERIENCE FOND MEMORIES: Rediscover the trip of adventure sport books out of your childhood.
  • HOURS OF ADVENTURE: Dozens of hours of adventure await you as you notice the Continent.
  • A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE IN EACH GAME: Dozens of random occasions and replacement maps indicate you would possibly well per chance trip a decided adventure each and each time you play.


Designate: $59.00

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Updated: September 20, 2020 — 4:19 am