Truth or Drink Original Card Game by Cut, 432 Hilariously Funny Questions + 55 Strategy Cards, Unleash Your Secret, Famed Social Media Game for Party…

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  • ABOUT THE GAME – Dive into this dynamic drinking game, perfect for transforming any event into a night to remember. This game is the PERFECT TWIST on a classic party game with over 400 hilarious questions. Get ready to learn way more than you should about your friends or family!
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – 432 questions on 220 cards and 55 strategy cards. Includes 5 different decks: On the Rocks, Xtra Drty, Happy Hour, Last Call, and With a Twist. All in a very handsome box!
  • HOW TO PLAY – The rules are simple: set out the cups and shuffle together decks of your choice. Draw a card and ask the questions printed on it. Will you take a sip (of choice!) or tell the COLD HARD TRUTH? By night’s end, you’ll all be better friends after asking the questions you would have never dared ask out loud.
  • PART OF THE FAMILY – The Original Truth or Drink game is compatible with our What Up Fam game. What Up Fam can be played by itself or shuffled together with this game. 2+ players, 30-60 minutes to play.
  • MADE BY CUT – Our games are based on our hit YouTube series with over 2.4 billion views (and counting!). Our goal is to bring people together, one awkward conversation at a time. Now it’s your turn! Only a game stands between YOU and the ULTIMATE TRUTH. What do you have to hide?


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Updated: August 27, 2023 — 6:54 pm