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  • STRATEGY HORROR GAME: Not all is successfully on the steamship Atlantica: a foreboding sense of fright, shadows under the waves, and a ritualist execute have the crew and passengers on edge. Now they need to work collectively to obtain the ship to shore, nonetheless no longer all aboard are what they seem.
  • HIDDEN TRAITOR GAME: Unfathomable is a hidden traitor sport the save gamers decide the roles of the passengers and crew of the Atlantica. They work collectively to war off beasts and obtain repairs to the ship. On the alternative hand, a pair of of the gamers are secretly cultists sure to sabotage the heroes.
  • WORK TOGETHER, OR NOT: As beasts emerge from the depths and events happen round the ship, gamers will have to play cards accurate into a pile in make clear to meet specific requirements. On the alternative hand, the cultists, working to sabotage the others, might perhaps moreover secretly play the immoral cards in make clear to fail the events.
  • ARKHAM HORROR GAME: Spot in the Arkham Horror Files universe, Unfathomable takes intention decades before the board and card sport nonetheless aspects the identical prosperous lore and supplies a tubby solid of original characters. Fans will seemingly be aroused for an all-original sport skills in their authorized scare universe.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Unfathomable is a hidden traitor board sport for 3 to 6 gamers and takes 120 to 240 minutes to play.


Imprint: $61.40

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Updated: December 10, 2022 — 7:21 pm