What Next? Cooperative Spend Your Course Adventure Board Recreation

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  • ADVENTURE AWAITS: A desire your route cooperative board sport, perfect for family night or mates. Featuring tall koalas, renegade robots and an offended aged girl with a bazooka. Place confidence in new paths and challenges each time you play.
  • PICK YOUR PATH TOGETHER, DIFFERENT EVERY TIME: You’re being chased by method of the jungle by a wide koala. Will you vote to climb up a tree and masks? Or will you to clutch to speed by method of the swamp as a change?
  • 60+ ACTION-PACKED CHALLENGES: From puck-flicking to shape building, card throwing to purpose playing, in this board sport there are over 60 atypical mini games that you just’ll must grasp as you hurry.
  • PERIL AROUND EVERY CORNER: Each and each time any individual takes a rotten turn or fails a topic, you’ll be pleased to add a anxiety fragment to the ‘Tower of Distress’. If it topples, this cooperative board sport over for every person!
  • PLAY SOLO, WITH 2 PLAYERS OR MORE: Buying for one participant board games? Effectively, the entire adventures and challenges will be carried out with 1-4 gamers (ages 10 and up). An ideal board sport for couples, families and mates.


Mark: $22.99

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Updated: April 17, 2023 — 2:46 pm