Wizard Deluxe Edition Card Game

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  • THE ULTIMATE GAME OF TRUMP: The Wizard 60-card deck includes 52 regular playing cards plus 4 Jesters and 4 Wizards for a fast-paced game of bidding, trick-taking, and strategy. More fun than Hearts and Rummy, in Wizard, each player tries to win the exact number of tricks they bid.
  • FOR 3-6 PLAYERS: Easy to follow rules and challenging strategy make this game fun for the whole family. In the first round, players start out with one card. In the second round, players are dealt two cards, and so on, with each round becoming more challenging. When you make your exact bid, you earn points. However, if you take too many or too few tricks, you lose points. Ideal for ages 10 years old and up.
  • BID WITH EASE: The 6 included bidding wheels make it easy to keep track of your and your opponents’ bids for each hand.
  • KEEP SCORE: Score keep along the way with the custom Wizard scorepad. Keep track of player’s bids, points, and dealer-called trump suits.
  • MULTI AWARD-WINNING GAME: Join the over 10 million Wizard Card players worldwide. This multi award-winning game has been translated into 15 languages and is sold in countries across the globe.

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Updated: July 19, 2023 — 2:32 am