Wonder Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance, A Zombicide Game For Family Game Evening, Wonder Comics Technique Board Game, For Adults And Kids Ages 14 And Up

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  • COOPERATIVE GAME: Wonder Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance is a formulation sport where 1-4 gamers defend a watch on the closing surviving superheroes facing off towards zombie heroes and the zombie hordes controlled by the sport itself.
  • OVER $9 MILLION ON KICKSTARTER: You wanted this adult board sport by Zombicide, and likewise to rep it. This sport takes about 1 hour to play, for all americans ages 14 & up.
  • HOW TO PLAY: The plot of this adult sport is to total mission desires, defeat your enemies, & rescue endangered bystanders. Work together & push their powers to the limit so you might perhaps perhaps additionally build an stay to the zombie apocalypse!
  • SPIN MASTER PUZZLES, TOYS & GAMES: A world of jigsaw puzzles and family board games for younger of us, early life, and adults. Plus approach, cards, and traditional board games esteem dominoes, mahjong, or a chess put of residing.
  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERYONE: For folk that’re with traffic, bring a Trip Master sport, toy, or cards. For family sport nights, birthdays, parties, commute, vacation items, and everytime you ethical prefer to rep relaxing.
  • Entails 6 Super Hero Items, 4 Zombie Hero Items, 6 Bystander Standees, 50 Zombie Standees, 4 Colour Bases, 8 Tracker Clips, 4 Trip Dials, 6 Dice, 4 Double-Sided Tiles, 6 ID Cards, 71 Mini Cards, 27 Tokens, 1 Rulebook
  • Covered by the Trip Master Care Commitment. Peek under for beefy particulars


Worth: $29.60

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Updated: April 22, 2023 — 6:40 pm