Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal Sport, D&D Technique Board Sport for 1-4 Gamers, D&D Board Video games for Ages 12 and Up, Family Video…

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  • A DIFFERENT WAY TO PLAY D&D: Whether you’re a D&D knowledgeable or queer newcomer, the Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal board sport is a modern D&D ride that brings the total household to the table
  • STRATEGY GAME OF FAMISHED BEASTS & FANTASTIC FEASTS: Play as a hardworking server at an iconic D&D tavern. Feed the inn’s eccentric patrons and safe pointers, all whereas staying before the competition
  • INTRODUCES 68 D&D CHARACTERS: Bump into 68 numerous heroes created for this sport! From goblins and wizards to a vegetarian dwarf, they each maintain a special meals assert and lift out on gameplay
  • MATCH FOOD ORDERS TO HEROES: Be posthaste with the quippers and chips! Match meals tokens to each Hero card and receive gem stones as pointers. Be strategic to compose the brink over your opponents
  • FOOD & POTION MINIATURES: Succor 4 kinds of mini meals tokens, plus a potion token that convinces patrons to love their meals. Play a potion token on a Hero card and waste a Ideal Match bonus
  • EARN MOST POINTS TO WIN: Get gem stones (and facets) by seating a hero at the table, resolving a Hero card raise out, or filling meals orders. Fabricate more facets thru additional challenges and an endgame bonus
  • PLAY SOLO OR COMPETE AGAINST FRIENDS & FAMILY: Work the tavern alone or compete in opposition to the leisure of the staff. The modular gameboard is adaptable for 1-4 gamers


Stamp: $Fifty three.75

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Updated: March 11, 2023 — 8:47 am