The Awkward Yeti Organ Attack! Card Game

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  • The sport contains 24 whimsically illustrated ORGAN cards and over 100 ATTACK cards.
  • The plot is unassuming – bag away all of your opponents organs sooner than they bag away all of yours. Be the final participant with any organ remaining and bag the sport!
  • Finest for DOCTORS, NURSES, MEDICAL STUDENTS, anyone in the medical area or with an interest in anatomy.
  • No longer certain what a pancreas is for? Study that and so powerful more about the human body and the ailments that can hold an affect on them. Beneficial by Ideas Games from American MENSA, this sport is both tutorial and relaxing!
  • Comes with a practical mock medical journal for storing the cards.
  • Entails Forty eight appropriate-for-relaxing stickers featuring the luscious organ artwork of The Awkward Yeti


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Updated: March 12, 2023 — 4:27 am