Funko Video games Bawl The Game Birthday celebration Game Ages 13 and Up for 3-8 Avid gamers

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  • Thrilling event sport starring the disclose of Ghost Face, Roger L. Jackson himself!
  • Mercurial-paced gameplay gets your coronary heart pounding as you speed to occupy alive!
  • Customized Ghost Face figure tracks the killer as he strikes and attacks.
  • Free downloadable sport app choices intense well-liked narration and tune!
  • Evocative art and parts, including Knife first-participant marker, will delight Bawl fans.
  • Birthday celebration sport for 3-8 Avid gamers
  • Ages 13 and Up
  • 20-Minute Gameplay


Ticket: $19.99

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Updated: May 19, 2023 — 1:33 pm